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Тест на употребление вводных оборотов в английском языке

Тест на употребление вводных оборотов в английском языке

Вставьте there или it.

1. ... were many people in the room, ... was very stuffy.

2. ... is time to go to bed, ... is no time to waste.

3. ... is no need to hurry, ... is still plenty of time.

4. ... was twenty degrees in the shade. ... was not a cloud in the sky.

5. ... was nothing to be seen, ... was too dark.

6. ... was deep snow at the foot of the hill, ... was hard to walk.

7. ... came a knock at the door, ... was the postman.

8. Something clanked outside. ... was the dog’s chain. Then ... was a sudden furious barking.

9. ... was still very early, ... was nobody to be seen in the street.

10. ... was nothing left to do. ... remained only to sign the document.

Количество вопросов в тесте: 10.

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