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Тест на употребление неопределенных местоимений в английском языке

Тест на употребление служебных глаголов в единственном и множественном числе в английском языке

Вставьте some, any или no.

1. There are ... pictures in the book.

2. Are there ... new students in your group?

3. I didn't buy ... bananas yesterday.

4. Are there ... English text-books on the desks? - Yes, there are some.

5. Are there any maps on the walls? - No, there aren't ... .

6. Have you got ... English books at home?

7. There are ... beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them.

8. There is ... ink in my pen: I cannot write.

9. Is there ... paper on your table?

10. It is winter. There are ... leaves on the trees.

Количество вопросов в тесте: 10.

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