Шестой урок по английскому языку от Мистера Данкана. 18-ти минутный урок заметно продолжительней обычных 5-6-ти минутных. Этот урок уже в HD качестве и сделан очень красиво. Я бы даже назвал его полноценным короткометражным фильмом.

Вначале урока Мистер Данкан рассказывает о достопримечательности Англии – горе под названием  Врекин (“Wrekin”) графства Шропшир (Shropshire) в западной Англии. На видео очень хорошо показана красивейшая природа Англии.

После небольшого вступления начинается сам урок английского, где Мистер Дункан философски размышляет о грустных и радостных моментах в нашей жизни и что может влиять на наше душевное состояние.  Приводятся устойчивые выражения на английском языке – идиомы, употребляемые в тех случаях, когда человек хочет выразить свои чувства – радость или грусть. А также множество примеров предложений для выражения счастья и уныния!

Все выражения как обычно сопровождаются невероятным артистизмом Мистера Данкана. Несомненно вы получите огромное удовольствие от этого урока.

После видео ролика я привожу полный текст урока, вы можете его перечитать и очень удобно переводить незнакомые слова.

The Wrekin is a very large hill, situated in the country of Shropshire, near the city of Shrewsbury, in central England.

Its name comes from the ancient Roman town of Wroxeter.

At its peak it is 1335 feet high and onn a clear day gives a stunning viewover the surrounding countyside, nearby towns and villages.

The local legend of how the Wrekin was formed, tells of a Welsh gait, who after becoming lost, dumped a spadeful of soil, intended for blocking the nearby River Severn, on to the ground, thus creating the hill we see today.

Some of the oldest rock formations in the world can be found here, with come dating back over an estimated two billion years!

This piece of shaped stone is called a ‘Triangulation Pillar’ or a ‘Trig Point’.

The Wrekin is a popular place to visit for hikers and fro those who simply want to get away from it all, while enjoying the fresh Shropshire air. This structure is  called a ‘Toposcope’ and shows the distraces of all the surrounding towns and visible landmarks.

Sadly the low cloud has settled on the hill, so there will be no stunning views for us today I’m afraid. You know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be. I’m so glad you could join me for another lesson.

Nobody Heard him; the dead man
But still he lay moaning
I was much further out than you thought
and not waving but drowning.
(Stevie Smith – 1957)

Lesson Six

Hi everybody, this is Misterduncan in England.
How are you today?
Are you OK? I hope so!
Are you happy? I hope so!

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the two sides or faces of how we can feel emotionally and the way these feelings affect both ourselves and the people around us.
In today’s lesson we will look at being happy and feeling sad.
We all have feelings.
They are the individual parts of our character than show the way feel, depending on the situations around us.
When we say feelings, we are actually describing one feeling at a time.
Although sometimes, for example, due to illness, a person may experience many feelings at once.
The way you feel relates to your Emotional State, Mood, Frame of Mind, Temper, Disposition, State of Mind, Spirit.
The prefix ‘good’ or ‘bad’ can be added to all of these words to show a positive mood… and a negative one.
Our feelings and moods are all related to the way we think in our minds.
The study of this subject is called Psychology.
This also covers the way we behave generally.
Our minds control everything we do.
Besides actions, your mood can also affect your health.
If you were to feel unhappy over a long period of time than you may need to see a doctor.
You could be suffering from Depression.
This is often caused by stress from a sudden change in your life, such as the loss of you job, or the death of a loved one.
It may sound strange to some people, but your mood can be affected by the weather.
Psychologists have found that a chemical imbalance in the brain can cause us to feel sad, when there is little sunlight about.
Those affected will feel happier and more content during the summer time.
While during the short winter days, they may find themselves becoming depressed and gloomy.
This feeling even has a name SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.
It is amazing how our moods can change froom day to day.
You may find yourself jumping for joy on Monday and feeling down in the doldrums by Friday.

There are many idioms for feeling happy and sad.

‘Happy as Larry’ – to be very happy.
‘Jump for Joy’ – to show your happiness.
‘Smile from Ear to Ear’ – A happy face (Big smile).
‘Happy go Lucky’ – A cheerful (carefree) person.
‘On Top of the World’ – So very happy.

‘Down in the Dumps’ – To feel unhappy.
‘Under a Black Cloud’ – Sad and depressed.
‘In the Doldrums’ – To feel sad and gloomy.

There are many different things around us that have the ability to change the way we feel.
A piece of classical music might make you feel sad.
It touches you…emotionally. It moves you.
A happy story may uplift your mood and cheer you up.
You may find yourself both laughing and crying, while watching a romantic movie either alone or with your lover.

There is an expression in English that goes …
‘Laughter is the best medicine’
This means that when you are feeling unhappy or down, or even unwell, the only way to get out of that mood is to watch domething humorous on the television.

Make a funny face in the mirror.
Laugh out loud until all your blues have gone awway!


I feel happy
I feel glad
I feel excited
I never feel sad
The day is alive and I feel great
Tomorrow will be good, I just can’t wait
My heart is warm with a rosy glow
The smile on my face
I love to show
I need to jump
I like to sing
I want to live
I love everything


I feel Down
I feel bad
I feel miserable
I really feel sad
I hate this day
I dislike it all
My heart is down
Feel like I will fall
So grey is this world
With its trouble and strife
So cold my spirit
In this dark and gloomy life

In British English we use the word ‘sad’ informally as a way of describing something that is unfashionable or a person who appears to have no friends or any social life.

‘That style of fashion is so sad’
‘He never goes out anywhere and he has no friends’
‘What a saddo!!’

We can use the words ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ and their synonyms to show our reactions to something or someone.

‘I’m really happy to meet you’
‘I’m glad to have you as my friend’
‘I feel brighter now you are here’

‘I feel sad now that you have gone’
‘I feel down because I hate my job’
‘I feel sick and my spirits are low’

Happy Synonyms

Sad Synonyms


It would be fair to say that we all go through times when things seem bad.
People can sometimes let you down.
They have the ability to say things that make you unhappy.
Events and circumstances may come along and destroy your plans for the future.
As the poet Stephen Spender once wrote: ‘You must live through the time when everything hurts’
Life comes with no guarantees or promises.
The sunny days of contentment can only be truly appreciated through the dark gloomy nights of despair.
For without sadness, we would never really know what it is like to by truly happy.

Well that’s all I have time for today, but don’t be sad because I will be back again real soon with another lesson just for you.
Until then this is Misterduncan in England saying: thank you for watching me, teaching you and of course… ta-ta for now!

Enjoy English!
Thanks for Watching!


English Joke

Two women were in a hair salon talking about their home lives when the subject of flighty husbands came up.
“It’s unbelievable,” one woman said. “I can never figure out where he goes at night.”
“I know exactly what you mean,” said the other woman. “One second he’s in the house, and the next he’s gone without a trace.”
“Well,” says a woman eavesdropping nearby. “I always know where my husband is.”
“How do you manage that?” the other two women ask.
“Easy,” she replies. “I’m a widow.”