Глагол to be - положительная, отрицательная и вопросительная формы - видео урок

Не спешите пропускать этот, казалось бы, простейший урок. Даже продолжающие ошибаются в формах английского глагола to be. Просклоняем этот вспомогательный глагол в настоящем времени с личными местоимениями.

I am leaving – Ухожу

личное местоимение

to be в настоящем

краткая форма






am not

am I?





is he?


is she?


is it?





are you?


are we?


are they?

Местоимение it обозначает неодушевлённый предмет или животное неизвестного пола/клички.

Отрицание to be образуется просто добавлением not. Все настоящие формы to be (кроме am) могут сращиваться с ним – в isn’t, aren’t.

Сращения или краткие формы очень распространены (даже на письме), удобны, но не обязательны. Не отчаивайтесь, если не получается бегло произносить сращения. Этот навык придёт с практикой полных форм.

Настоящий вопрос начинается с формы to be, меняющейся с местоимением. Вопросительное am I типично лишь для внутренней речи. Отрицательные вопросы нечасты, кроме isn’t it?. Не забывайте завершать вопрос восходящей интонацией и вопросительным знаком.

Am I speaking English well? – Я хорошо говорю по-английски?

Is she OK? – Она в порядке?

Aren’t you my manager? – Вы разве не мой менеджер?


English Joke

It got crowded in heaven so, for one day and one day only, it was decided to only accept people who had really bad day on the day they died.

St. Peter was standing at the pearly gates and said to the first man, “Tell me about the day you died.” The man said, “Oh, it was awful. I was sure my wife was having an affair, so I came home early to catch her with him. I searched all over the apartment but couldn’t find him anywhere. So I went out onto the balcony, we live on the 25th floor, and found this man hanging over the edge by his fingertips. I went inside, got a hammer, and started hitting his hands. He fell, but landed in some bushes. So, I got the refrigerator and pushed it over the balcony and it crushed him. The strain of the act gave me a heart attack, of which I died from.”

St. Peter couldn’t deny that this was a pretty bad day, and since it was a crime of passion, he let the man in. He then asked the next man in line about the day he died. “Well, sir, it was awful,” said the second man. “I was doing aerobics on the balcony of my 26th floor apartment when I twisted my ankle and slipped over the edge. I managed to grab the balcony of the apartment below, but some maniac came out and started pounding on my fingers with a hammer. Luckily I landed in some bushes. But, then the guy dropped a refrigerator on me!”

St. Peter chuckled, let him into heaven and decided he could really start to enjoy this job. “Tell me about the day you died?” he said to the third man in line. “OK, picture this; I’m naked, hiding inside a refrigerator….”