Ошибки в произношении английского звука /w/ является общемировой проблемой (World Wide problem).

При произношении этого звука Вам нужно обращать внимание только на положение Ваших губ. Вам не нужно заботиться о положении языка и зубов, как во многих других английских звуках.

Вам нужно собрать губы в кружок. И, как обычно, не стесняйтесь открыто практиковаться в произношении этого звука. В тренировках рекомендуется явно строить круг из губ, как-будто кривляясь перед зеркалом.

Ошибки в произношении звука /w/ обычно зависят от местности, откуда родом говорящий, а также от его родного языка.

Звук /w/ произносится как /v/


We – мы

We are going with you.

We like what you made for us


wet – мокрый

My shirt is wet.



white – белый (цвет)

I like the colour white.

The snow is so beautiful and white.


west – запад

I live in the west.

Take highway 10 west and you will see the ocean.


way – путь

You are going to wrong way.

Don’t go that way.

Звук /w/ опускается при произношении:


would – модальный глагол

Would you like to come?

Would you like to come with us?


want – хотеть

I want that.

I really want.


was – прош. форма глагола to be.

I was going to come.

I was going to com with you. Why did you leave.


work – работать

I have to work on this.

I so sorry, I have to work on this.


wash – мыть

I have to wash my clothes.

My life is all about washing my clothes.


wait – ждать

Please wait for me.



away – прочь, далеко

I have to go away.

После примеров на произношение звука /w/ на видео следует забавный фильм, в котором показаны разные варианты произношения, с разными акцентами.


English Joke

A woman wanted a divorce. She went to the courthouse and appeared before the judge.
The judge reviewed her petition and asked, “Do you have grounds?”
The woman looked at him quizzically and said, “Grounds? Well, yes, your Honor, we do have about an acre and a half.”
“No,” said the judge, “What I mean is, do you have a grudge?”
The bewildered woman replied, “No, we just have a carport.”
The judge was becoming frustrated. “You’re not getting the point,” he said. “Does he beat you up?”
The woman replied, “Oh, no I’m up at 6:30 and he doesn’t get up until 7:00.”
The judge was exasperated. He looked at the woman and asked: “Look, lady, why are you here? What reason do you have for wanting a divorce?”
The woman replied, “Because my husband and I have a communication problem.”