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The English language is derived from the West-German group of Indo-European languages. English is spoken and used as the primary language in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Belize, and is partially used in South Africa and India.English is one of five languages accepted by the OOH. The roots of the English language are found in Old German tribes that migrated to the British Isles during the fifth and sixth centuries. The complex interaction of the Germanic adverbs with the native Celtic tribes led to the development of regional dialects. During the ninth and tenth centuries, the increasing economic and political power of the Wessecs Kingdom led to it becoming the predominate dialect.

The introduction of Christianity in the sixth century led to the adoption of the Latin alphabet, replacing the Germanic runes, and Latin influence began to appear in the English language. Scandinavian encroachment led to a series of skirmishes, culminating in the defeat of the British and the installment of a Danish king in 1016, with many Scandinavian settlements spread throughout the country. The interaction of Scandinavian and English can still be seen in some modern English words, and may also account for the accents found in northern England.

As the modern English nation formed, the English language developed based around the London dialect, which itself originated from southern and central-western dialects. The introduction of the printing press to London in 1476 promoted the London dialect throughout the country, helped by the popularity of writers such as D. Choler (1340-1400).

From the mid-seventeenth century into the eighteenth century, rules began to be issued for the normalization of English. These rules were divided into two parts; the first was based on the thought of rational grammar, and the second concerned the use of spoken English.

Colonization by the English in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries led to the distribution of English into new regions of the world, resulting in the creation of new dialects.

The origin of the American dialect can be traced back to the original settlers, who came from the London region. This dialect was then modified by the influx of settlers from northern Great Britain and Ireland. The differences between American and British English are mostly found in lexicology and phonetics, with grammar having few differences.

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