В видео ролике парень говорит 35 разных акцентах английского языка

  1. General American
  2. New York City/North Jersey
  3. Philadelphia/South Jersey
  4. Boston
  5. Southern American
  6. Redneck
  7. Midwestern
  8. Southwestern
  9. California Surfer
  10. California Valley Girl
  11. Urban American Girl
  12. Transatlantic 1940s
  13. 1940s Gangster
  14. Canadian
  15. Mexican
  16. Jamaican
  17. Irish
  18. English
  19. Medieval English
  20. Cockney English
  21. Australian
  22. French
  23. German
  24. Russian
  25. Italian
  26. Spanish
  27. Filipino
  28. Mandarin Chinese
  29. Cantonese Chinese
  30. Japanese
  31. Korean
  32. Vietnamese
  33. Arabian
  34. Indian
  35. Kenyan


English Joke

A crusty old man walks into a bank and says to the teller at the window, “I want to open a damn checking account.”
The astonished woman replies, “I beg your pardon, sir. I must have misunderstood you. What did you say?”
“Listen up, damn it. I said I want to open a damn checking account now!”
“I’m very sorry sir, but that kind of language is not tolerated in this bank.” The teller leaves the window and goes over to the bank manager to inform him of her situation. The manager agrees that the teller does not have to listen to foul language.
They both return to the window and the manager asks the old geezer, “Sir, what seems to be the problem here?”
“There is no damn problem,” the man says. “I just won 50 million bucks in the damn lottery and I want to open a damn checking account in this damn bank, okay?”
“I see,” says the manager, “and this bitch is giving you a hard time?”